Hilton N Ramcharitar is the owner and accountant of H.N. Ramcharitar, Inc. Tax and Accounting. He has more than 15 years of experience in the accounting and tax field. After receiving his accounting degree from the Florida Atlantic University, he worked for the accounting firm of Lye & Lye Associates for two years before opening his own business.  Besides running his own business, he is also the Honorary Consul of Guyana.

Hilton has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Florida Atlantic University and Associates Art degree from Broward Community College.  He is an accredited accountant with an Accreditation in Accounting and Taxation from the National Society of Public Accountants. He is a member of the National Society of Tax Professionals, National Society of Public Accountants, and Florida Association of Independent Accountants.

Other interesting facts is that Hilton Ramcharitar is a former Fireman for the GUYANA FIRE SERVICE in Georgetown, Guyana, South America and also served five years six months in the Guyana Defense Force.